Monday, February 16, 2009

14 Reasons Why The SFI Compensation Plan Rocks!

1. No purchase requirements...EVER!
2. Earn from up to seven different income streams (Customer Commissions, Affiliate Overrides, Executive Bonuses, Executive Overrides, Network Overrides, Peak Performer Bonuses and Cash Infusion Bonuses).

3. Thousands of commissionable products, with new products being added daily!

4. Clean, simple, generous, and fair!

5. The Executive Bonus Pool allows you to automatically share in the worldwide sales and purchases every month of every SFI affiliate...AND every TripleClicks customer...AND every customer!

6. Fast front-end commissions (earn up to 70% of total Commission Volume on every customer sale* you generate!) PLUS lucrative, multiple, ongoing, residual income streams!

7. Unlimited earnings potential! Go as wide and/or as deep with your organization as you wish!

8. You are guaranteed a commission check every month just by maintaining the rank of Executive Affiliate (which requires no purchase)!

9. As little as one customer sale* a month can qualify you as an Executive Affiliate (EA)!

10. Cash Infusion Bonuses can qualify you for more than $2,000 in free cash bonuses in your first year...and hundreds more each year thereafter!

11. Earn up to 35% of the CV on every purchase by a personally sponsored affiliate for life*, plus up to 10% of the CV of every 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G and 7G in your entire organization every month for life*!

12. You only need to be a Team Leader to immediately start earning SIX compressed generations of override commissions (Network Overrides) for your entire organization. And the qualifications for Team Leader are realistic and attainable for all!

13. Designed to dovetail perfectly with SFI's Maximum Income Plan and EyeEarn program.

14. Compression is utilized on Network Overrides, which means you can earn commissions infinitely deep in your organization!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let SFI Help Build Your Business!

If you haven't register as free affiliate you may join SFI FREE.

I don't know about you but I assume you are looking for something to making money online. You signed up as free affiliate. Start earning the money with SFI put yourself into action, and it's critical to your success in SFI that you're following it.

SFI's EyeEarn Co-op is an exciting way to recruit affiliates and build lucrative residual income streams. As an active "EyeEarner," you'll receive one or more shares of new SFI affiliates signing up at EyeEarn program. For more information, click this out EyeEarn Program Training:

I strongly encourage you try this program. As an active* member of EyeEarn, you will receive a share of ALL these enrollments every month. And your only out-of-pocket cost is the ONE-TIME $20 Starter Kit cost! It REALLY work!

Give yourself an opportunity try it!

Any questions you may have you can directly to SFI Support Line at

Let's join this program and become an executive affiliate (EA), and you'll start earning the Executive bonus. Log on into you will see that on the front webpage. Check this out NOW.

Happy Earning!

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