Thursday, January 8, 2009

SFI 3.0 is here! SFI continues its record growth worldwide, and thanks to the Executive Bonus.

I first started SFI in 02/2007 and I am a loyal SFI member and enjoys working at home in my comfort home...Thanks to SFI! I want share with you regarding Executive Bonus Report.

Register as SFI member is FREE. As SFI member will earn a portion of every purchase made by every SFI Affiliate, every TripleClicks Member, and every MaxMalls customer worldwide! The more enrollments there are, the more sales and the larger SFI member's Executive Bonus can become! Here are the latest stats:

Yesterday's enrollments: 1475

-AVG. enrollments per hour: 61
-AVG. time between enrollments: 58 seconds

Month-to-date enrollments: 10088

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