Saturday, October 25, 2008

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SFI Success Tip

One of the most powerful aspects of SFI's Compensation Plan is its crystal clear, 1-2-3 path to success:

1. Become an SFI Affiliate--Just sign!

2. Advance to Executive Affiliate (EA) status--Simply accumulate 10 SVP each month. You can do this through as little as one retail sale a month of a 10 SVP SFI product...or just purchase one of these quality products for yourself.

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3. Become a Team Leader (TL): Get 10SVP for the month, plus just 5 personally sponsored Executive Affiliates.

For a rundown of the SFI Compensation Plan and its six possible revenue streams, see this page

Financial freedom awaits...and it's that simple.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

New SFI Store is coming soon!

For our many affiliates anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the new SFI store (and for brand new affiliates who may not have heard about the coming new store), we've set up this new Website for you, which we will be updating for you regularly until the launch.
Click here:

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