Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leadership Tip

Identify your leaders and up-and-coming leaders is critical to your success. Your Genealogy Report provides multiple ways to do this.

The Affiliate Manager format allows you to easily view information on your Personally Sponsorred Affiliates (PSAs) within your Genealogy, including columns indicating those affiliates who have completed thei Affiliate Profiles, set up a Standing Order, referred their own PSAs (and how many), and more. This information gives you an at-a-glance summary of the actions being taken by your affiliates and helps you identify those team members who are serious about their SFI business.

Additionally, you can sort your list by affiliates ranks to identify up-and-coming leaders. Use the filter to bring up a list of affiliates with specific ranks, and you can then use the "Send an e-mail to this group" link located in the top left corner under the filters menus to easily communicate.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider's Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business

SFI's Sponsor of the Year, Ewen Chia, takes you by the hand in this comprehensive step-by-step guide to show you how to set up a booming Internet business and rake in million-dollar profits. Ewen demystifies marketing jargon and shares the tips and techniques that continue to net his online businesses a cool fortune.

Whether you're seeking to create and develop a thriving Internet business from scratch or looking to realize the full potential of your existing business, whether you haven't a clue what the Internet is about, or you're armed with a business degree, Ewen's upbeat and accessibly written Million-Dollar Blueprint will help you:

Find out who's buying what and develop lucrative solutions to meet market needs.

Grab and keep the attention of prospective buyers with irresistible offers.

Create a follow-up system of additional offers to boost income and grow your business.

Automate your business so you can enjoy the ultimate rewards of profits, time, and leisure.

Duplicate your business(es) to multiply your total income.
Ranked #1,519 in Amazon, How I Made My First Million On The Internet has shot up through the ranks to become a hot-selling, in-demand item! Take a moment and check it out now HERE. NOTE: That link will take you to Amazon via SFI's subsidiary MaxMalls, where qualified purchases contribute toward the SFI Executive Bonus pool!

About Ewen Chia Ti Wah: Ewen recently was recognized as SFI's Peak Performer Sponsor of the Year for 2008. He was a sponsoring powerhouse last year, attracting 718 Executive Affiliates (EAs) last year! For more information about the Peak Performer contests, see the SFI Leaderboards index. Or, check out the Sponsoring Affiliates section of the Maximum Income Plan to find out how YOU can attract more affiliates.