Saturday, October 25, 2008

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SFI Success Tip

One of the most powerful aspects of SFI's Compensation Plan is its crystal clear, 1-2-3 path to success:

1. Become an SFI Affiliate--Just sign!

2. Advance to Executive Affiliate (EA) status--Simply accumulate 10 SVP each month. You can do this through as little as one retail sale a month of a 10 SVP SFI product...or just purchase one of these quality products for yourself.

For immediate EA status, go

3. Become a Team Leader (TL): Get 10SVP for the month, plus just 5 personally sponsored Executive Affiliates.

For a rundown of the SFI Compensation Plan and its six possible revenue streams, see this page

Financial freedom awaits...and it's that simple.

For more information check here!

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